Єщенко Олена (2)

Olena Yeshchenko

  • Specialty Doctor obstetrician-gynecologist, the highest category, doctor of ultrasound diagnostics, has the specialization in health care management
  • Work experience Started medical practice: 1998
    21 years
  • Language skills English (advanced)
  • Position Director
  • Scientific degree Ph.D. in Medical Sciences, Associate Professor
  • Activity Currently is working on the title of Doctor of Medicine in the specialty "Social Medicine"

Olena Yeshchenko

Education and professional achievements

Has extensive experience in management work in the leadership of the central executive body (Deputy Chairman, State Service of Ukraine for Social Diseases), in projects of international technical assistance. Systematically improves qualification through the courses of thematic improvement, the study of the best world experience in the direction of organization of the health care system, including public health (Germany, Austria, Canada, USA, Poland, Hungary, Moldova and other countries). Takes part in conferences, symposiums, consultations, forums of the national and international level.
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