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Nadia 07.05.2019

Clinic of the high level. The attitude towards visitors is polite, attentive, correct. I was very pleased with a consultation by Doctor Hedz. Really grateful for the attention and professional assistance provided.

Oksana 07.05.2019

Enjoying a pleasant atmosphere and quick service. My baby visited ophthalmologist Shapovalov. In a calm atmosphere doctor conducted examination of the eyes, finding the appropriate approach to the child. My child was in a good mood.

Tetiana 01.05.2019

Really good clinic. Everything can be done locally. You do not have to go for analyzes to other places, and here is huge selection of medical services. Dr. Myroshnychenko is very nice person and experiences gynecologist!

Natalia 07.02.2019

Good Clinic. I liked the corporate culture, the order and goodwill of the clinic staff. I liked the professional work of the doctor of ultrasound diagnostics Dr. Khlypavka. New equipment with a clear picture on the monitor, a thorough study and a conclusion with recommendations. The level of services provided is really satisfactory.

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Dmytro 02.01.2019

Very promptly and constructively helped, I recommend. There were several times I visited Dr. Hopkalo. I have not met such a positive and good doctor yet. He is a professional, so I was very pleased with visits and consultations.

Victoriia 01.01.2019

Everything is clear, punctual, organized. Nina Ospanova is a wonderful professional, a pleasant person. Reception pleased.

Serhiy 23.12.2018

I am very pleased with the attitude of the doctor Khlopushyna. She is careful and sensitive, advises useful tips for doing at home.

Ihor 12.12.2018

Thanks! Came her for the first time. Timely service at the highest level. I recommend it. We did an ultrasound scan and got professional advice.

Nadia 27.11.2018

Thanks to the doctor. Previously I have visited a lot of doctors, but the doctor quickly found the problem, prescribed a helpful treatment. Thank you.

Olena 14.11.2018

I want to thank Dr. Sytnyk! She is attentive, pleasant. She thoroughly asked everything, made the procedure very carefully and gave practical recommendations. Also, I was pleased with the reception!

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